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Complaint handling for IFAs

Are you receiving unjustified and opportunist complaints?

Do you wish to defend these complaints vigorously, but just don't have the time, or simply do not know where to start?

AJH Complaint Handling founder Anthony Heather has over 22 years experience in the financial services arena and complaint handling.

Anthony Heather is a practising Chartered Financial Planner who understands that complaints are often opportunistic and should be vigorously defended.

AJH Complaint Handling has successfully defended many Mortgage Endowment and Personal Pension Contracting Out complaints, to the extent that in many cases the complainant has not referred their case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), or they have successfully convinced the FOS not to find in favour of the complainant.

AJH Complaint Handling has successfully defended Mortgage Endowment complaints even where no client file was retained.

What service is being offered?

Why use AJH Complaint Handling?

  • With the volumes of complaints likely to go on increasing in the future, it is more important than ever to deal with complaints promptly and correctly
  • In an increasingly litigious society, it seems complaints can only increase in number
  • A structured approach is essential if these complaints are to be dealt with in line with the Regulator's rules
  • A thorough review will often reveal information that allows a detailed and thorough defence of the transactions leading to the complaint
  • Meaning that it is more likely that these complaints will not be upheld, and therefore save the extra expense of loss assessment, and payment of claim &/or Professional Indemnity Insurance excess
  • You are therefore more likely to be able to prevent a complainant from referring their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
  • If the complainant does refer the case to the FOS, after a thorough investigation, the FOS is more likely to find in your favour, rather than uphold the complaint in favour of the complainant

The Effect on Future PI Insurance premiums

Where complaints are dealt with efficiently and quickly, following a structured approach, it is easier to demonstrate to Professional Indemnity Insurers that the firm has the "complaints risk" under control as far as possible.

Delegating the handling of complaints is more likely to lead to the successful defence of the complaint.

Cost effectiveness

Delegating the handling of complaints is likely to free up your time. The complaint handling fees are very likely to be more than offset by the fees/income you can generate with the time saved.

AJH Complaint Handling can work on either a fixed cost or hourly charging basis.

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